The Big Book of Long Vowel Sounds SKU: 116918

Almost 400 pages of resources to support children learning the long vowel sounds. Click for more details.


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This really is a BIG book. It contains loads of printable activities to help children learn to read and spell words containing long vowel sounds. Sounds included in the book are:

a-e (split digraph), ai, ay, other long a, e-e (split digraph), ea, ee, ie (long e), i (long e), ey, -y (long e), i-e (split digraph), igh, ie, i (long i), -y (long i), o-e (split digraph), oa, ow (long o), oe, o (long o), ol, u-e (split digraph), oo (long u), ew, ue, ui, ou (long u)

For each sound there are a selection of printable activities which include:

  • Reading and Spelling Practice
  • Spell the Pictures
  • Look/Cover/Write/Check
  • Handwriting
  • Find the Graphemes
  • Wordsearches
  • Anagrams
  • Spelling Lists
  • Spelling Strips