Consonant Blends (Clusters) Pack SKU: 116225

32 sheets to support children who are learning to blend consonants. Click for more details.


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This pack contains:

  • CCVC Picture Sheets (x3)
  • CCVC Spelling Test Sheet
  • CVCC Picture Sheets (x 2)
  • CVCC Spelling Test Sheet
  • CCVCC Picture Sheet
  • CVCC Spelling Sheet
  • Initial Blend Sheets (bl/br, cl/cr, dr/tr, fl/fr, gl/gr, pl/pr, sc/sl, st/sm, sn/sp, squ/st/sw)
  • Mixed Initial Blend Sheets (x3)
  • Initial Blend Cut & Stick Sheets (x2)
  • Final Blend Sheets (-mp, -nd, -nk, -nt, -sk, -st)
  • Mixed Final Blend Sheets (x2)